Women’s only classes - 75mins

Womens Krav Maga Classes

Train with like minded women in St George and Easton on a mission to Stand Strong by learning self defence techniques, improving fitness and developing confidence. The classes are designed for all fitness levels – no previous experience needed!

Together we build a community of support, encouragement and understanding.

In the classes you will:

Learn simple and effective self defence techniques to violent and threatening situations

Learn how to use kettlebells in a safe and effective manner to build strength

Get fitter and stronger both physically and mentally

Most importantly have fun while learning


We recommend using our taster sessions to start. Using our Class Pass, you get your first 3 sessions for just £19.99, including a free Stand Strong t-shirt if you sign up to classes!

After the initial introductory Class Pass, we have two Stand Strong plans for you to choose:

Plan A £32 per month – One class a week

Plan B£49.99 per month – Two classes a week

As we are a KMG affiliated school, a yearly training license has to be purchased too (from £25 per year). More information can be found here: www.kravmagaglobal-uk.com 

Womens Classes

Subscribe to the plan that suits you best here. Not sure which one is right for you? Get in touch here and we can help you find the best Krav Maga plan for you.

Class Pass


Your first 3 Classes

  • 3 Classes
  • Free consultation
  • Free Training Shirt if you sign up

Plan A


Per month

  • 1 x Class per week
  • 30 Day rolling contract

Plan B


Per month

  • 2 x Classes per week
  • 30 Day rolling contract
  • Save over 20%!

19:15 @ Easton Community Centre
Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW

Wednesday 19:30 @ St George Community Centre Church Road, BS5 8AA


Womens Krav Maga Classes

Ladies only Krav Maga -self defence and fitness classes. The classes offer you fitness and strength with various body weight, kettle bell, and cardio based exercises. Along with mobility and stretching to improve your overall movement.

We then take you into self defence, offering you realistic techniques and fighting drills to keep you safe from threats and violent situations – including how to avoid confrontation, how to calm situations down, and how to react should the need arise. The classes offer you: .

  • A safe training environment 
  • Opportunity to train with like minded women .
  • Learning realisitc systems, looking at more common threats to women

Adult Krav Maga Classes

Our mixed adult Krav Maga classes in Kingswood Bristol are a great way to learn to defend yourself.

We get you stronger and fitter, teach you self defence techniques and combat drills to keep you safe from threats and violent situations – including how to avoid confrontation, how to calm situations down, and how to react appropriately should the need arise.

Childrens Krav Maga

We offer your children the opportunity to learn Krav Maga designed for children aged 4 to 16. The classes are done in a fun and engaging way, teaching them valuable self defence skills against bullying situations, and stranger awareness.

The advantages to these classes are

  • Fun and safe learning 
  • Variety learning
  • Gets them active
  • Teaches them discipline

Instructors are enhanced DBS checked

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1 to 1 & Semi-Private krav Maga Class

We offer one to one krav maga, or small group if you prefer to split the costs and train with friends. The session are tailored programmes to develop you and help you progress with your self defence journey.

The advantages of one to one, or small group are: 

  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Focussed and individual feedback
  • Flexible times
  • Personalised programmes

We offer 60 minute, or 90 minute sessions.

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