I was looking to learn a new skill in self defence. As a vulnerable woman Krav Maga stood out as you learn practical skills should there be a situation to defend. Stand Strong is different to other schools that I have tried before - Hannah focused on developing general strength, common woman attacks, defence mentality and learning a variety of techniques from other defence schools. To me this stood out as who knows who you'll be defending against. Overall I would say a great Krav Maga school in Bristol. Thanks Hannah!


I've tried Krav Maga in the past and I was worried about joining another class again. How wrong I was ! Hannah is exceptional as an instructor and personal trainer. She is very enthusiastic about training people to the best of their ability and you feel that she truly believes in you and is passionate about you progressing and developing. She is also very friendly. Krav Maga is a great self protection skill and Hannah and Sam will develop you and push you at your own pace to become the best you can. Hannah has also taken time out to tutor me in kettlebells which she didn't have to do but it will be beneficial to krav and my health. The club hasn't been open that long but we have had our first p1 achievement and kudos to Katherine and Hannah for making that happen. This is just the start of many. The club is diverse in regards to Hannah teaches kids with the other instructor Sam, a ladies only group and a mixed adult group. I'm going to enjoy watching this club go from strength to strength and growing and feel proud to be a part of it. Well doneI'


I have been fortunate enough to have been practicing Krav Maga for a number of years at several schools, attended a number of workshops and trained under various instructors. I have recently joined StandStrong Krav Maga and I can honestly say that Hannah and Sam easily rank amongst the best instructors I have ever trained under. In my opinion the classes have the right mix of fitness and training in Krav Maga techniques. The students are both friendly and welcoming. It is suitable for all age groups(I am 63). I would have no hesitation in recommending this school to anyone who is interested in improving their general fitness whilst learning a potentially useful self defence skill.


I wanted to do something in my spare time that was a useful skill and helped me feel confident in the street and feel good about myself. Krav Maga was an interest but Stand Strong stood out to me because it incorporated strength training with defence techniques. I feel better in myself and as I walk home late at night I don’t feel like I’m looking over my shoulder every two seconds because I have the technique and skills to support and protect myself. It’s also gives me the boost to lead a healthy lifestyle which give me more energy to enjoy life.


Hannah's Krav classes for my children (11yo girl and 7yo boy) have been nothing short of amazing. We signed up predominantly for fitness and fun, with the added element of self defence skills. These are key elements of the classes, however an added benefit is both children have also become so much more confident in themselves since joining the class, particularly my daughter who was painfully shy before. The group is so welcoming and the children really enjoy the lessons. Hannah is incredibly professional but equally approachable and helpful. The children really warm to her. As a parent I couldn't really ask for more. I highly recommend these classes. Tempted to join one myself.


I don't really like exercise classes. But I LOVE I Hannah's class. The mix of real world self defence and strength training means I leave feeling stronger and more confident. She is a patient and encouraging teacher who knows each students potential. It's a fantastic work out and really refreshing to be in an all female an environment. Come and give it a try, you won't regret it!


Hannah is an amazing Krav Maga instructor. Her passion and enthusiasm for Krav and fitness is infectious. I always look forward to my sessions with Hannah. She makes the sessions enjoyable yet challenging and I always come away feeling more confident having learned new and invaluable skills. Hannah is very inspiring, she is professional and knowledgeable about Krav Maga, health, fitness and nutrition. She also helped heal an injury quickly through various exercises and expertise. I'm a 40 something woman who was lacking in confidence when I first started working out with Hannah and I've grown in confidence so much since my first session. I'd recommend Hannah to anyone who wants to learn Krav Maga, I had no previous experience with any form of self defence and my fitness level was pretty much zero and Hannah has done wonders with me!


Hannah is a very patient instructor, who understands the needs of each of the students. She helps you to see what you are capable of, and makes every training session fun and enjoyable.


Since joining Stand Strong as a private student I have noticed changes to my fitness levels, and my confidence. Hannah is an enthusiastic instructor, who is passionate about helping people see their potential. I highly recommend getting involved!


Being someone of a shy nature, I have never been one to ‘put myself out there’. When I came across the stand strong classes, I immediately liked the concept and the fact that the classes were for women only and guaranteed to be small. Before I could change my mind, I emailed Hannah explaining that I was very nervous but I was interested in signing up. Sending that initial email was the best thing I did. Hannah immediately put me at ease and offered me the chance to observe a class to see if it was something i would like to attend in the future. I haven’t looked back.... I love attending the self defence classes and I have already gained confidence, awareness and knowledge. I am also beginning to see improvements in my fitness levels. Hannah is the ultimate professional who's passion and dedication often exceeds her working hours. Always on hand with any tips, stretches and information whenever needed. She genuinely cares about everybody she teaches, giving them the motivation, courage and determination to succeed. Ladies, I can truly recommend these classes and if you've been thinking of signing up, what are you waiting for?


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