Self defence and fitness classes 

It's time to change your life!

Lacking confidence in a threatening situation is common for most. Our mixed classes focus on breaking the freeze response, building your confidence , and giving you technical skills to deal with modern day threats. You’ll learn how to control your emotions through various techniques and drills, allowing you to defend yourself and your loved ones effectively.

Appropriate for 16 years and above, with little to no fitness experience or martial art background needed. Leaving egos at the door, we are a  class for all regardless of your fitness levels and background. Our well-developed programs can be taken at your own pace and we will build you up block by block.

Our mixed adult classes will help you build up your self defence technical abilities, combat skills, mental strength, and fitness alongside building confidence and awareness.

Strength, mobility, and conditioning are built into our sessions, making sure the exercises are done in a safe manner and are suitable for all levels in the class.  We believe that everyone should feel safe and we will help you achieve this .

Join our supportive community, step outside of your comfort zone and develop your physical and mental strength. It’s time to invest in yourself and StandStrong in life! 

Our timetable


6.15pm to 7.30pm Studio 5
Kingswood Estates


7.00pm to 8.30pm Studio 1
Kingswood Estates


10.30am to 11.45am Studio 1 Kingswood Estates


Come and meet the team, and experience the unique StandStrong culture. We can help you learn to Stand Strong in life!
Get your first three classes for just £19.99

@ Creative Youth Network
 The Kingswood Estates , BS15 8BD

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