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Welcome to StandStrong Krav Maga Bristol

Welcome to StandStrong Krav Maga school. We offer self defence classes across Bristol, including in Kingswood, Easton, Staple Hill and St George. Our goal is to help as many people across Bristol get involved and learn this valuable life skill.

We are an official Krav Maga Global school (KMG) a leading organisation in Krav Maga across the world, meaning you get access to worldwide events and expert instructors from across the globe.

To get booked on to our trial program select the get started button, or for more information on our timetable click the find  a class above. 



What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a modern self defence and combat system that will change your life. It was created by Imi Litchenfeld who was a trained boxer and wrestler, and wanted a system that could be used outside the ring for defending oneself in a dangerous situation.

Although Krav Maga draws in combat from mixed martial arts – it is not a sport.  It is a self defence and combat system that covers stand up fighting, dealing with attacks against armed and unarmed attackers, multiple attackers, ground, and how to calm situations down and avoid conflict all together. It is known for its effectiveness with the aim to end the situation as quickly and effectively as possible against attacks that could happen anytime anywhere. 

 The beauty of Krav Maga is anyone  can learn it. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced martial artists – it has something for everyone.  Regardless of age, gender, previous experience, fitness levels, you can get involved. 

What will you get from the classes?

The classes offer you specially designed programs to improve your:

. Strength and conditioning for improved overall fitness 

.  Striking,  including how to create powerful and effective strikes with hands, elbows, legs and other areas of the body that can get you out of trouble quickly – including fighting on the ground

. Technical knowledge against a variety of attacks including knife, guns, bats, grabs, and many others.

. Confidence and overall awareness

How do you get involved?

That’s easy. Simply click the get started button below and book onto our trial program, or drop us a message via our contact form. For a list of all our classes times and locations, please follow the links below. 

Womens Krav Maga Classes

Ladies only Krav Maga classes are Monday 7.15pm Easton and Wednesday 7.30pm St George.

The classes offer space for women to come together with other women and learn self defence, looking at threats more common to females. 

Adult Krav Maga Classes

Our mixed adult Krav Maga classes are Thurdsay 7pm and Sunday 10.30am in Kingswood Bristol.

They are a great way to learn to defend yourself whilst getting fitter and stronger at the same time.

Each class follows a structured program designed to help you build up your knowledge and skill week by week..


Childrens and Teens Krav Maga

We have different classes available across the week. Our kids program is suitable for 4 years to 15 years old and offers self defence for a variety of situations, including bullying and stranger awareness.

Instructors are enhanced DBS checked

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1 to 1 & Semi-Private krav Maga Class

We offer one to one krav maga, or small group if you prefer to split the costs and train with friends. The session are tailored programmes to develop you and help you progress with your self defence journey.

The advantages of one to one, or small group are: 

  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Focussed and individual feedback
  • Flexible times
  • Personalised programmes

We offer 60 minute, or 90 minute sessions.

Get Started

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Teen/Kids Class Pass


Your first 3 Classes

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Where to find us

All of our Krav Maga and self defence classes are currently in Bristol at the venues below. Find the class you wish to attend above and click the links to find more details

Ladies only (Monday) Easton Community Centre Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW

Ladies only and kids (Wednesday) St George Community Centre Church Road, BS5 8AA

Adults, Teens and Kids Creative Youth Network The Kingswood Estates BS15 8BD

What Our Clients say

I was looking to learn a new skill in self defence. As a vulnerable woman Krav Maga stood out as you learn practical skills should there be a situation to defend. Stand Strong is different to other schools that I have tried before - Hannah focused on developing general strength, common woman attacks, defence mentality and learning a variety of techniques from other defence schools. To me this stood out as who knows who you'll be defending against. Overall I would say a great Krav Maga school in Bristol. Thanks Hannah!


've tried Krav Maga in the past and I was worried about joining another class again. How wrong I was ! Hannah is exceptional as an instructor and personal trainer. She is very enthusiastic about training people to the best of their ability and you feel that she truly believes in you and is passionate about you progressing and developing. She is also very friendly. Krav Maga is a great self protection skill and Hannah and Sam will develop you and push you at your own pace to become the best you can. Hannah has also taken time out to tutor me in kettlebells which she didn't have to do but it will be beneficial to krav and my health. The club hasn't been open that long but we have had our first p1 achievement and kudos to Katherine and Hannah for making that happen. This is just the start of many. The club is diverse in regards to Hannah teaches kids with the other instructor Sam, a ladies only group and a mixed adult group. I'm going to enjoy watching this club go from strength to strength and growing and feel proud to be a part of it. Well doneI'


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